• How to develop new app ideas

    At present, the pace of technology has enabled us to create any type of application even beyond our imagination. Perception computing is one such topic. Most of you would have seen games  where you use gestures (say wave your hand and the system interacts with you) . Developing such game have always been a dream for every developer out there. But  right now it is possible for you to develop such games (or applications) on your own. All that stands between development and your application is your app idea. A brilliant app idea can make you very popular and if lucky will turn out as your career. So in this post i have put forth some of my ideas to think or develop your own app idea.

    1. Look around. Look for things that may make your life better. For example: A driver-less car (BTW Google has been working on it..It was just an example).
    2. Look for things that can make other live better For example: An application to report garbage dumps to help the corporation in clearing it faster.
    3. Something that already exists but needs improvement. For example: A shopping app where the users can view the products as holograms (so that they can know the proper size of that product)
    4. A feature that can be applied for a different problem at hand (for example: recently there was an alarm app which made use of gyro sensor that doesn't  snooze until you shake it hard)
    5. Something related to your school or college (for example: the announcements in your college as an android app..I'm damn sure you will be quite popular if you come up with something like that )
    6. Something for the children or elderly (The applications have been scaled across different age groups and the usability also differs. So an application that can help them would be really considered as a good application )
    7. Games (This is quite competitive and dangerous because everyone wants to create a game!!. However if you can create games that you invented, it may turn out to be popular (for example: flow free game is a simple but popular game in android market ))
    8. On demand applications  for example: 9 out of 10 people i meet today wants to be on diet..so such demand based apps can be your next app idea.
    9.  Simpler. yet more simpler. Some applications you have seen may exist either in one platform or does not have a mobile version (For example: some companies wants to build their android apps but will not have developers at its disposal. You talk to them and may be you can end up doing an intern with them)
    10. Passion. Its your passion. Some people are gifted with talents. One of my friend is a crazy foodie. He knows A-Z every food outlet near my place. COOL!!. Why not share it with the world??.

    I have run out of ideas and hope that your app idea falls in either of these category. If you want to add any other ideas about ideas :P just drop a comment.

    Stay tuned for more...
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