Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Setting up tools for Blackberry Application development

Recently i started developing applications for Blackberry.It provides a huge range of cross platform support i.e if you know HTML 5/ C++/Java you can develop your blackberry app easily. Today one of the commonly used for application development is HTML 5. So I will teach you to make your first Blackberry app using HTML 5.Before we start just check whether you have installed the set of tools needed for the development.Download all the files here and follow the steps.

  1. Install Google chrome. If you have google chrome skip this strep.
  2. Download Ripple Emulator ("ripple.crx"). Go to Options->tools-> extensions and drag and drop your ripple.crx file into the window.
  3. Once Installed you can find a ripple icon on the top right end. Just click and wait for a small popup.
  4. Create a folder named RippleSites in one of the following locations, so that Ripple can find your app's files.
    • Windows XPC:\Documents and Settings\Username\RippleSites
    • Windows 7C:\Users\Username\RippleSites
    • Mac OS/Users/Username/RippleSites
    • Note: This is a very important step
  5. Once that is done you can follow this.
The importance of this tutorial is to help you in  setting up since i have received a few queries regarding the same.
If any step is not clear please feel free to ask me.
Stay tuned  for more.


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