Friday, June 28, 2013

Multi lingual Chat (@Santosh)

Santosh says:
I came across a random idea which you can use to develop an App. Android Chat App for users from multiple languages. How would it be if users of different mother tongue can chat in an App but understand each other ? The app essentially uses an API like Google Translator to semantically translate content to the language of your choice. The user can set a default language in which he wants to chat. We have already removed location barriers with existing communication systems. With this kind of app, no more language barriers ! If this can be implemented in text, next step may be to implement it for voice calls as well.


It is a brilliant idea and i had thought something similar to this 2 years back. But the problem is highly challenging. First of all don't narrow down a platform before you have mapped out the idea. Doing  so will hinder your thinking by restricting it to certain constraints.  If you have completely understood Google translator API you would know that it is not complete. Do not rely on any API that is not complete.Working with understanding the semantics is a research topic and making computer think like a human will take some time .
    If you want to work on this idea i would suggest looking up existing research work in this field. I came across a Hindi- English Translation  Research and I will try get you the related links. You can work on your own translator API or take a particular language and work on it. If you need any assistance please let me know.

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