Monday, January 14, 2013

Three-tier architecture

Well, you may have developed several applications on different platforms.But when you develop in a corporate environment, there are certain rules of programming that must be followed.A basic corporate software project follows a particular software architecture and is programmed in  such a way that the code is readable, maintainable and should have proper casing.
  There are several architectures but the most common among them is Three-tier architecture.

  • Model Layer-consists of class definitions and private variables. The instances of these classes are to be used throughout the project.
  • Business layer-consists of all the functionality and logic.This is one of the most important layer and you would end up developing in this layer if you are a fresher.
  • Data Access Layer-consists of the database.Any data that is needed is taken using this layer.
After these three layers has been defined a UI can be developed to obtain a client-server relationship.The  work of UI is only to transport the variables from client to server nothing more.

Now how these layers are connected?
  • Every layer has a reference to model layer.
  • Business layer has reference to model layer and data access layer.
  • Data access layer has reference only to model layer.
  • UI has reference to model and Business layer.
Now when working on a project each team works on a particular layer and is then finally merged. Therefore the naming of variables and classes have to be appropriate.
If a single team works on a Project, the general approach would be to start with database design,stored procedures,class definitions,mode layer,business layer,data access layer and then UI.

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