Saturday, January 05, 2013

Get started with developing a Windows 8 application

Windows 8 has released and already has millions of users.In Windows 8 everything is a metro style app.Windows store has expanded in the past few month and possess many quality apps with different features. Developing a application for Windows 8 is very easy.If you think developing a Windows 8 app is that tough ,you are wrong. Just gear up with an idea and i would help you with your first Windows 8 app.Microsoft has provided the perfect IDE and Windows 8 app can be developed not only with C# and XAML but also HTML 5 and JavaScript. So you need some developer tools as well as basic knowledge of some programming language. If you have worked with OOPS before,it would be an advantage.Rest is all creativity and idea.

  1. If you have Windows 8  well and good, otherwise get the developer preview here. Try installing it in VM ware if you do not want to dual boot your OS.(I have not tried it before but im sure that would work).
  2. Now you will need an IDE. If you are a student try downloading visual studio from dreamspark as Microsoft provide students with software to encourage development. Otherwise you can download Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows 8.
  3. If you want to develop a complete app read this step otherwise skip it.
    • What is your app all about? 
    • Has it been already implemented  in Windows store or how unique is your app from the app that is already existing in the store.
    • What are the services that my app needs.Is it an offline app or need Internet or location based services?
    • How many pages does your app contains?-Create your app layout.
    • Collect the data you will be needing.
    • What are the features that can make user go crazy(i.e addictive)-Write this down but can be implemented later.
    • What is the name of your app?- Create a Windows developer account in Windows dev center and register your app name(If you do not want to hold a account, feel free to use my account.Send me the app details and i will register and publish it for you in your name.)
    • Design your logo, splash screen and other images using Photoshop or paint.(You can do this later but doing this first will be encouraging for some of you. If you do not know Photoshop this would be a good time to start).
    • Decide whether you want to go with C# or HTML 5 and proceed.
    • Write all the above details in a piece of paper and paste it in a your noticeboard.This would help you come up with new ideas and be focused.If you have completed these steps you have completed 50% and good to go.
  4. Start with your hello world app.
    • If you are want to develop in Javascript with HTML go here.
    • If you are want to develop in C# or VB with XAML go here.
    • If you are want to develop in C++ with XAML go here.
    • If you are want to develop in C++ with DirectX go here.
  5. If you are a:
    • Beginner -go with C# and XAML.
    • Web developer -go with Javascript with HTML
    • C++ expert -go with any of the last two.
 Note: If you have any clarifications with the hello world tutorial or need any modules or stuck up somewhere please feel free to contact or comment or use the drop box for doubts clarification.

Stay tuned.


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