Friday, October 05, 2012

Story visualizer

How would you like to write your own story that can be visualized ?

How would you like to upload your favorite story book and watch it like a movie?

How would you like to upload your favorite movie and read it like a story book?

This Application can do these for you. 

After you upload your story in the story editor provided in this application, Each sentence is processed and projected into frames with the help of a semantic picture engine.Semantic picture engine may not be easy to implement as it should generate pictures according to the semantics of every word present in a sentence.

If you want to convert your favorite video into a story book, after you upload your video, the video is divided into frame and segments.Each frame is processed and the scenario is converted into sentences with the help of the Semantic picture engine.After that the transcript obtained is processed for accuracy and grammar.Though 100% conversion is not possible, we can achieve a good efficiency.

So if you like this idea and want to take it as a project,Start by implementing the semantic picture engine.

Stay tuned.


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