Monday, October 15, 2012


The HTML we have been learning so far is  HTML4.01. HTML5 will be the new standard of HTML. HTML5 is a cooperation between the W3C and WHATWG(Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group).A few differences between HTML5 and HTML 4.01 is listed below:

  • It is enough to give the doctype declaration in HTML5 as <!Doctype> rather than long SGML based declaration in HTML4.
  • Audio and video are integral part of HTML Specifications and can be used as tags eg:- <video>  </video>.
  • Vector graphics in HTML4 is possible using technologies such as VML,Silverlight ,Flash etc while it has been integrated in HTML5.
  • For applications that may require true Geolocation of user, we can make use of JS Geolocation API in HTML5 while such facilities are not available in HTML4.
  • In HTML4 Browser cache is used for temporary storage while in HTML5 Application cache, Web SQL database and web storage is available as client side storage.
  • In HTML4 web sockets are not available. Mechanisms like long polling and streaming are used instead. In HTML5 full duplex communication can be established with server using web sockets.
  • One more cool feature about HTML5 is the JS web worker API which allows Javascript to run in the background.
  • HTML5 is packed with new semantic elements like <header>, <footer> which is more easy and comfortable to use rather than our traditional div tag in HTML4.
Stay Tuned.
If you feel some more points has to be added, please comment below.


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