Saturday, August 11, 2012

What we have learned so far

Here is a recap of what we have learned so far and what we will be learning.
  • Under Web designing we started with HTML or(Hyper text markup language ).
  • The basic layout of a html page and how to create your first web page.
  • Introduction about the basic text formatting tags,how and where to use them.
  • Intoduction to frames and Iframe.
  • working with lists and tables.
  • Introduction to CSS styling.
  • create your own forms and
  • Colors supported.
After learning this you can..
  • write a simple web page with all the html elements.
  • create application forms,registration forms.
  • analyse any html code of a website(to this right click view source).
  • use iframes effectively.
  • start learning css and scripting.

what we will be learing...
  • HTML Advanced
  • CSS
  • Client/server side scripting
  • Sql basics.
If you have any clarifications or need somrthing more specific like how internet works or what does browser do,be sure to contact me.Stay tuned.


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