Sunday, August 26, 2012

Google Apps Part 1

Have you ever wondered how to create a google app?.Well ,creating a google app is as simple as creating a simple webpage.Google apps are generally created for integrating different features into your google chrome can be shared via chrome web store or .crx file(which you can call as google app  installation file).But recently the latest version of chrome does not support drag and drop installation of .crx file and can be only done through chrome web store.Follow these steps to create you first hello world google app:-

  1. Create a folder.Make sure that the folder location is somewhere easily accessible.
  2. Create a new document inside the folder and save it as "manifest.json".(This is the most important file that describes or links your the name should be strictly manifest with json as extension).
  3. JSON (or Javascript Object Notation),is a text based open standard for human-readable data interchange.
  4. Using the Manifest we can link our main page.the main page is a web page (or a popup window or a plugin).
  5. In addition,google have a set of inbuilt modules or API's(Application Programming interface) with special functions that will work only on chrome.You can find more about this here.
  6. When designing your main page all the related external resources should be copied into the same folder.
Before going through the next few steps.we will complete step 1-6 to avoid too much confusion.So the first thing you will be learning is all about the manifest.json which will be covered in the next tutorial with the help of a example.

Stay tuned.


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