Tuesday, July 17, 2012

HTML Formatting Tags Part 3

We have seen text formatting and very basic font tags in the previous two parts.In this session we will be going through tags used for Citations,definitions ,quotations,address and text direction.
  • <abbr></abbr>-Abbreviation is used to abbreviate a word or phrase.
  • <acronym></acronym>-Acronyms is used to define a acronym.
    • Note: An acronym can be spoken out. In other words, the group of letters merge to form a word themselves. So, instead of saying each letter separately, you say just one complete word.
    • An abbreviation must be taken at face value. Each letter is unique, and you must speak each letter separately.
  • <q></q>-Short Quotations used to define short phrases in  quotes.
  • <blockquote></blockquote>-Long Quotations  is for a block of quote.
  • <bdo></bdo>-Bi-Directional Override is used to define the text direction.
  • <cite></cite>-Citation is used to represent the citation or reference.
  • <dfn></dfn>-Definition is used to represent definitions.
  • <address></address>-Address is used to represent address of the client or owner or so&so.
       Now open notepad Play with the above codes:
      • save it as index.html and open it in your favourite browser.
      see what happens and stay tuned for next tutorial.if you have any doubts, feel free to comment and i will get back to you with your doubts.you can Download the source file here.


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