Friday, July 13, 2012

HTML Formatting tags Part 2

Well you have seen some basic text formatting tags and wondering about the different font  styles available for are a few very basic special font tags that you can use in your webpage.besides the given list custom font styles like lucida and so on can be also used with the font attribute of a tag.
  • <tt></tt>-Teletype text  a font style not frequently can also be called as monospace text.
  • <samp></samp>-Sample Output a font style that looks similar to the output of a computer program.this is generally used in programming related websites for displaying sample output surrounding the sample word/phrase.
  • <var></var>-Variable is used to indicate an instance of a variable or a parameter.
  • <kbd></kbd>-Keyboard Input is used to indicate the text to be entered by the user.
  • <code></code>-Code is the font used to indicate a piece of code.
  • <pre></pre>-Preformatted is generally rendered in a fixed pitch font,with whitespace intact and without word wrap.

Now open notepad Play with the above codes:
  • save it as index.html and open it in your favourite browser.
see what happens and stay tuned for next tutorial.if you have any doubts, feel free to comment and i will get back to you with your can Download the source file here.


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